Friday, July 17, 2009

How Conservationists Have Fun in Canada, eh?

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about being the driver for a bunch of conservationist/scientists over the Canadian border for the day...I wasn't nervous about the people, it's those guards at the border crossing that creep me out! The last time I went, I thought I'd never see my native land again. In fact, Mike offered to pull over so I could kiss the sweet American soil when we finally crossed back over! But that's another story...(scary, I'm starting to sound like my husband - "just another Harper story!")

Anyway, Wednesday ended up being one of the finest days since being home from Romania! I got paid to visit beaches, Point Pelee, toured nature areas and marshes, learned about some fascinating new ideas using native plants, wildflowers and pits and mounds, and some sustainable farming techniques. I saw lots of wildlife, got to shoot Shelby's camera (mine's at Nikon's repair facilities...sniff), and overall had a jolly good time!

I especially liked the power of being the designated driver! I never worried about getting left behind, I always sat in front, and I got to drive a Tahoe! Oh, and the best part, I got paid to do all this!

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